Our Courses

There are three different categories of difficulty, and each of these have a lower and higher level:
Basic (ELE Courses, Spanish as a foreign language), level A1 and A2, for beginners or students coming back to Spanish after a number of years. Intermediate, level B1 and B2, for students looking to improve their basic understanding. Advanced, level C1 and C2, for students looking to reach a standard suitable for certification and business purposes.

Estepona Experience

Enjoy our excursions where we go talk with the locals and sample the best wine and tapas there is to offer. Spoken skills and will prepare its students for a variety of specific situations including presentations, meetings Enjoy our excursions where we go talk with the locals and sample the best wine and tapas there is to offer.


Preparation for the D.E.L.E exam

Preparation courses for the various levels of the exams required to obtain the D.E.L.E. certificate.


Linguistic programs

For students of Spanish grammar and linguistics. These courses are designed and organized according to the needs of the participants and may consist of: tutor lessons for University students, preparation for admission to Universities, preparation for exams in Spanish Philanthropy, etc.


Language Courses

These are targeted at students who wish to expand their writing skills and their knowledge of grammar. In this program the students learn how to apply their linguistic resources through different mediums.


Courses of Hispanic History, literature and culture

The objective of these courses is to introduce students to Spanish culture and history, as well as the geographic and economic realities of the country.

We also explore the food culture in Spain as well as the wine and sherry produce. This is also a wonderful course to take if you are travelling down to Spain and looking for something exciting to do, as there will be plenty of outings in and around the Estepona area.

Business courses

The orientation of this program is towards people who need Spanish in a commercial or business environment. The course includes the development of written and spoken skills and will prepare its students for a variety of specific situations including presentations, meetings and negotiations. We adapt the program to the different positions inside the company and its economic activity.


  • Writing techniques
  • Presentations
  • Meetings
  • Secretarial office, etc…

The business program can be arranged at either our offices in the centre of Estepona or on site at the companys premises.


Communication courses

These courses are in general dedicated to students who have a priority in oral communication of the language. The programme will focus on oral skills and developing consolidation of the structures and skills that allow ease of communication in day to day life.


Children and tutor courses

For children we offer two types of courses:

  • Free-time courses, which are Spanish lessons based on educational games, where children learn whilst having fun.
  • Tutor lessons for school pupils who need linguistic support with the Spanish language


Identifying and selecting a course that you are interested in, is the first step to begin your journey. There are many different ways of studying such as using Skype for online one-to-one lessons, or perhaps you would like to study at a different location than our school. You can decide at what speed you would like to study, we have weekly courses, intensive courses, and we may also be able to organize a custom schedule that better suit your needs.

Online lessons

This is for students who are mainly not resident in Spain and need to continue studies whilst out of Spain. Over internet or Skype media these courses can be for groups or individuals and the main advantage is that you still maintain personal contact with your tutor whilst away from Spain. The hours can be adapted to suit your needs. The course programme is identical to that covered in the school in Estepona.

We can tailor the online courses to suit any specific needs such as business, pre-university, or normal conversational spanish


On the beach

We offer the opportunity for students to spend time in local markets and public places. For instance:

As part of a language course we periodically meet im public places such as vegetable markets or shop to broaden the students knowledge of spanish through  interaction with local dialects.

We also conduct activities in places at historical and cultural interest such as the bullring, Estepona Port, and national Parks.

We organise social meetings in bars or Restaurants in Estepona between English speaking and spanish people to further improve conversational techniques

Alone or in Groups

Some people like to study alone, other people find comfort in studying with others. Studying in groups can be more economical, and it can also help you to meet new people, which may help you extend your language skills even outside of the school.


Easy going

Our weekly schedule is good for those who want to take steady steps, but have a bit of a breather in between the lessons. At this moment we have weekly courses available:

  • Once a week
  • Twice a week


Intensive learning

This is aimed at students preparing for examinations who require a short intensive course and students who need to take that extra step to better fluency.

  • 10 hours a week
  • 15 hours a week
  • 20 hours a week



This is a unique way to learn Spanish in a very typical Spanish environment. We offer various accommodation packages with Spanish families, apartments or hotels. These modules focus on Spanish cuisine, language and culture in comfortable surroundings.

There are a wide range of options to suit all levels of students, just call us and we will be happy to arrange a no-obligations meeting to discuss your requirements and budget.